Davido’s Political Exploration: Activism OR Self-Seeking? | Vibes With Victor


In the past seven months, Nigerian pop star Davido has been vocal and very much visible in the political scene. The singer started in 2018 by canvassing for votes for his uncle who was vying for a gubernatorial seat to now campaigning for a presidential candidate in the soon-to-be-held general elections.

In the course of his recent explorations, Davido has challenged the incumbent administration, encouraged youth participation and echoed the stand of many Nigerians who share a similar sentiment.

Many have said that the singer’s recent political explorations come from talks that the incumbent administration have not been favourable to his elitist family, while some say the singer has been genuinely standing up for the people (Nigerians).

In this episode of Vibes With VictorVictor Okpala discusses Davido’s recent exploration, answering the question of whether or not he can be deemed an activist.

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