#IjoWakanda; I Recorded This Song As A Joke – Orezi


Nigerian singer, Orezi has revealed that his new single, Ijo Wakanda was recorded as a joke when the Black Panthermovie was breaking box office records and now this joke has become a hit.

Ijo Wakanda released on the 29th of March by Orezi was inspired by Black Panther and has received positive responses from fans who thought this was a smart move as Wakanda is now a global idea and anything attached to it is accepted. This was also a smart move as it is supposed to give Wakanda fans a dance to express their love for the ideal African world.

Orezi revealed this in his statement where he said;

“I recorded this song as a joke .. just wanted play with the word #WAKANDA
We scored a HIT with this joke
#ijowakanda global trend
#ijowakandaDanceChallenge GET READY ALL DANCERS !!!! The Video for this is going to be Crazzzzzzyyyy”

So for those of you laughing when the song came out, your laughter was what Orezi expected because it was meant to be a joke. What he didn’t expect is for you to love the joke so much and made it a hit for him… what a double win it is for Orezi.

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