7:7:17- See D’banj’s new Record Label; The Dream that became D’Cream


On the 7th of July 2017 seems to be a perfect date for this kind of news, after all, they say seven is indeed a lucky number, hence a perfect day to announce and receive good news.

By 9 pm Nigerian time, D’banj announced the coming to life of his new record label, D’Cream Records on Instagram, stating that this is a reality which was just a dream that started on paper. The aim of this label according to D’banj is to help CREATIVE talents find their dreams across Nigeria, and with less than one year in operation, the newly launched label has just been valued above $100Million and the artiste was super grateful and appreciated his supporters.


While fans congratulated him for this milestone, some Instagram users found it difficult to believe that a label that was recently launched has such a value, especially when the supposedly known Billionaires of 30 Billions are in reality less than $100Million.

While D’banj allowed some of these negative comments on the slide, he quickly reminds an Instagrammer that while Wisdom is profitable to direct, he should use it and be wise.

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