“I love Flavour…” Chidinma Reveals 5 Things About Her You Didn’t Know


After winning season of MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2010,  Chidinma went from eing a competitor to a star, winning the hearts of many as they express their love for her endlessly.

Due to popular demand, and of course because we want you to know more about her, we will be giving you five revelation about Chidinma, the Kedike songstress who stole our hearts like we’re sure she did yours.

Let’s go there;

1. The first thing I’ll be letting you in on is the fact that Chidinma didn’t like her song Kedike… shocker right? one would think for a song that was a hit, she would at least show some love. But the Nigerian artiste was real when she revealed she didn’t like “Kedike” at the beginning because she felt as the first track that she released after winning, it should be something as cool as R&B, but her manager who listened to it and loved it, told her to put her mind at ease and wait till it gets to the public, and what do you think? We all loved Kedike, and some of us still do.

2. In an interview with a Kenyan radio station, Chidinma revealed that she loves Flavour. Now hold your thoughts… don’t run too much… with the same breathe, she revealed she loves Omawunmi and the one and only 2Baba. We know you like gist, so you’ll certainly love the remaining facts about Chidinma. Read on!

3. The third thing to know about Plenty Melody singer is that during her supposed sex tape scandal, even her mother thought she was the one on the tape, so you’re not alone when you judged her. But unlike you, her mother believed her immediately she said she wasn’t the one in the video.

4. Do you know Chidinma has an alter ego? I guess not. Well, Chidinma revealed in an interview with BeatFM that she is an Afropop singer with an Alter ego. While Kedike rocks the club, Chidinma Ekile sings about falling in love and plenty melodies in church.

5. Finally, one thing you need to know about Chidinma that you probably don’t know is that Chidinma cares less about whatever rumour you have against her. The singer naturally does not clap back or respond to any rumour against her. Truth is, she tries not to act like they exist which is why rumours such as the sex tape and her alleged affair with Flavour till today did not get any official reasons or social media reaction from the singer-songwriter. Apparently, the game of “live and let live” is working perfectly for her.

That’s all we have to tell you about Chidinma, but of course, we’re open to hearing more of our Kedike Diva if you have more to tell us!

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