Kaffy express remorse for insulting Davido


The popular dancer took to Instagram in the early hours of yesterday, Wednesday,October 26, 2016 to issue a
harsh message to the Nigerian artiste for allegedly firing
some dancers.
In a video post, Kaffy said Davido had fired some
dancers as they were about to take the stage after
practicing for weeks and him agreeing to work with
“This message goes to Mr Omo Baba Olowo…. Please help
me tell him he is a motherf*cker from all dancers all over the
country, ” she said in the video.
She has now apologised for her words via Instagram. In
her post she apologized for her profanity and said it was
time for people to start respecting dancers.
She posted an image of herself with other dancers with
the caption:
“I want to start by apologizing profusely for my profanity. It’s
not how I roll .i am one person who promote discipline and
respect among dancers towards their clients and one another.
However this issue is REAL. We MATTER and deserve respect
as we have become part of the building block of the
entertainment world. We communicate with our bodies what
words and sound can’t express. We paint a picture that defies
laws of nature ND produce masterpieces beyond mere
It requires a lot of brainpower to begin to be a dancer not to
talk of the ability to command muscles people can’t imagine
using and that is still underrating the Power of the Art of
From youth empowerment to mind empowerment it is the
least looked into form of psychological, physical and spiritual
And I can categorically tell u a lot of lives have been changed
for the better because we danced.
So WE MATTER. beyond the dance floor we matter against all
odds of societal definition of success we matter,thrive and
we rule.
So it is time we take control and have a voice. Create
structure that will protect us from further disrespect and I will
do all in my power to continue to protect dancers.I know
great minds out there in our world that will rise up too. It’s
been years and I have been quiet for too long.
And this is not just in Africa it’s everywhere. Davido was just
the last straw. It didn’t start with him but we can put a stop.
Thank you to all who support this fight. God bless.”
Davido is yet to respond to Kaffy’s statements.

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