What Trouble? WizKid Poses With The Lagos State Commissioner Of Police


WizKid is in trouble with the police you say? Well that’s not the impression WizKid is giving off after throwing the ultimate shade at Linda Ikeji’s move after she reported him to the Lagos State commissioner of police after WizKid had threatened to send his cousin to beat her up.

In a very slick move, WizKid posted a picture of himself and the commissioner and put the tag line “With the Hon Commissioner of Lagos Police. Police is your friend.”

LOL. The epic shade tho.  Yesterday Linda Ikeji put out a detailed blog on why she reported WizKid to the commissioner of Lagos police, and many had speculated that he might be in trouble with the law, and even risk losing his endorsements.

This picture though, in its own way tells a different story. Issue settled? We hope so.


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