Joseph Benjamin & Fefe Signed as INTELLOME Brand Ambassadors!


Intellome, Nigeria’s real estate solution provider is proud to introduce its two ambassadors, Joseph Benjamin (Actor and TV-Show Host) and Fefe (Artiste) in our bid to enlighten Nigerians on how to empower themselves using the immense earning and investment potential in real estate.


It is often said that real estate remains the preferred option of investment by all wealth conscious individuals, but the part seldom said is how those individuals are to find the right property investment for their wallet size. Everyone after all deserves a shot at being a property owner.

At Intellome we know there is a good chance you don’t have the money right now, and we are okay with that and we have factored this into our offerings. You have several options to be a property owner with us.


  • You can park a land with us and pay a minimum down payment of N100, 000 and pay the rest in installments over the period of 6 – 12 months. Interest free
  • If any of the offers on our website doesn’t excite you then tell us what you want on our customized property option plan on the website or call our number
  • Or you can REFER people to buy our properties and you can get either cash or property in return. Everyone wins!


All you have to do is visit www.intellome.com or call or WhatsApp any of the following numbers to let us know how we can serve you. 09083231736 | 09083340376 | 09080441904| 09080441897.

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