Why D’banj’s Brand is Becoming a Joke: From Women Empowerment to Blowing Candles Off Big Booty Cake


Step into your greatness with Ms Uduak as she shows us some insights on D’Banj’s contracdicting brand. An article I will recommend mostly for the upcoming artists who intend to spread their tentacles far and beyond as they launch into the music business. Below is a tip of her words on the subject issue.

“When D’Banj goes on global television on a global brand to tell us that he is NOW all for women empowerment and is also a spokesperson bringing attention to the plight of women and their continued sexual objectification (his sentiments not mine), then you wonder how he reconciles his statements/sentiments with his actions.

I did say when the world bank interview surfaced that it showed a man who was an opportunist. Less than a month later, I think D’Banj underscores my point with his booty cake birthday celebrations. He also continues to dilute his brand with a gradual inch towards making his brand almost a complete joke.”

Choose what you really want to be D’Banj. Ambassador to youths, feminist/womanist activist or an entertainer that is all about the “koko.” – Ms Uduak

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DBanj-Big-Booty-Cake-3 DBanj-Booty-Cake-1


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