Kiddominant Becomes The First Nigerian Producer To Go Platinum


Nigerian producer, Kiddominant, who Produced Davido’s hit single, Fall, has made a record for being the first Nigerian producer to go Platinum in South Africa with the Fall record.

This announcement was made on Twitter where the producer appreciated everyone that made it possible for him to attain this height.

While he is being congratulated for this height in his career, most people do not understand what it means to go Platinum in South Africa, so let’s break it down.

Going Platinum according to Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) means your song, which in this case is the hit single, Fall, has sold over 20,000 Unit which is the amount that guarantees a Platinum status while 10,000 Unit guarantees Gold.

So in plain terms, Fall produced by Kiddominant has sold up to 20,000 units in South Africa.

Davido had also received Plaques from Columbia UK, for this same record and IF produced by Tekno in February 2o18.

Congrats Kiddominant, more heights to climb!

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