Paul of P-Square Claims “Bank Alert” was His; Regrets Letting Peter on It

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Nigerian popular music duo, Peter and Paul seem to have crossed a line of no return and nobody is ready to take chances of being at the losing side.

With Peter already seeing himself as a rich upcoming artiste since everyone have agreed that he cannot sing as well as his brother, hence he’s showing us how well he has been doing his best with different videos on Instagram, his brother, Paul, has also started making moves to be a better solo artiste but he has also made revelations that nobody was aware of, making us know that he would’ve passed this phase by now in his life.


Paul has revealed that one of Naija’s favorite, Bank alert, popularly known as a song by Psquare actually belongs to him and he was deceived into a reconciliation while shooting the song.

The talented singer revealed that by this time last year he was shooting the video of his first Solo, Bank alert but was deceived into a reconciliation and according to him, that is never going to happen going forward.


Looking at the date of the screenshot attached to this tweet, one would erase every reason to doubt the truth in what Paul has disclosed as it is dated back to the 18th of September 2016 with Paul in a music video. From the hashtag #regret, it goes to show that the decision he was allegedly deceived to make was a decision he regrets and will definitely not repeat according to him.

Although fans sympathized with him after the revelation, they did not also forget to remind him that while he is a talented artiste, Peter is the one with the image, the face everyone knows Psquare to be, the face fans associate Psquare with, hence it will be really difficult to accept one without the other.

But let’s look at the brighter side of this in Naija music industry, this means more Naija music and while we would love for them to end their rivalry as brothers and come together as a family, we would be happy to see them all happy with more good music in the air!…#OkBye!

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