Watch Milli’s Controversial Trailer For “Unlooking”

Is that M.I’s crown that got burnt?

“Following the launch of UP NEXT UNIVERSE a few days ago, Milli’s new record label, this afternoon at 4pm the former Chocolate City artist dropped one of the most controversial music video trailers Nigeria’s music industry has seen.

The trailer, which is for the 2016 remix edit of his one and only single release on Chocolate City titled “Unlooking”, resembles a short film rather than a music video as it is shot entirely in black and white and features widescreen cinema cropping.

In a jacket bearing the signature symbol of his #UpNextMovement, Milli is seen getting out of a Ford Mustang 1966 and burning a crown… Considering the #SetArtFree pre-launch campaign, which speaks of “breaking down structures that suppress art”, some artistic references to his premature exit from the Chocolate City recording deal early May are evident.

The short film is in fact an in-house production, as the concept for the music video was written by Milli and directed by Jenny Tan of NIMBLE (Milli’s new management), while the short film was shot by various DOPs in Johannesburg in January this year. The entire music video was edited by Milli himself, lending further evidence of the immense depth and versatility of his artistry.

The music video release is slated for June 12th. “

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