Flash back to 2007 when Wande gave us the love Ballard, Ololufe and subsequently to the Mo’ Hits’ CV album, Music lovers were wondering whether the boy is the beginning of a new era or a flash in the pan. Two years later, he unleashed multi hits laden album, Mushin 2 MO ‘Hits. With that he not only cleared doubts as to whether he’s the beginning of a new era, he set a pace for the new school. Fast forward to present day, who would have ever believed it would take 6 years for Wande to march at same the pace again?

Sailing in the same ship with one of African’s biggest entertainer and backed by a certified hit maker producer, coming up in the industry was relatively easy compared to those that hawked rat poison to afford a studio session. Under the watch of Don Baba J and D’Banj, he rose to become unarguably heir apparent to the throne, the throne now occupied by likes of Wizkid, Olamide & Davido. How did Wande Coal lose his throne?

It all started from the MO‘Hits era. No doubt the label did a good job in grooming the boy and his sound. But after Wande’s first album dropped, it was very clear he’s matured to be a Headliner. All he needed was to be always on the scene but the label was only interested in maintaining his second fiddle role to D’Banj or giving his career a commercial break. While in Marvin, ‘carry everybody along’ agenda which the label seemingly adopted then dulled him. Suffice to say, his career continued on its inconsistent path. Looking at Nigerian Music industry, every artiste steady banging at the top is either getting full attention or at least first attention from whichever label they are under. Two things Wande never had while in MO ‘Hits or Marvin but from Wizkid, Olamide, Davido to Psquare and few other Consistent hit makers, the story is the same. No doubt, had Wande Coal been under a label that gave him full or first attention, he would be sitting on the throne now.

At any point artistes find their career in a catch-22 status, their three saviours are usually the wisdom to know their talent will make the way, the confidence to believe in what they can do and thirdly the courage to take a bold step. Three years ago, Wande had a chance to take a bold step; brace up and ride on the Don Jazzy & D’Banj split huge media buzz and re-launched a career, without disrespecting or taking sides with either of the 2 giants. At that time, he’s matured enough both in age and in the industry to carry on with his former bosses. But either he lacked the courage to take the bold step or he hasn’t been reading the handwriting that’s been on the wall for a while. And when he eventually did step out, he did so rather acromousiously which didn’t do the required magic.

One thing is clear, Wande Coal has the talents to be one of Nigeria’s greatest singers but one thing has always been unclear, the ‘willingness’ on his part to secure a space where he rightly belongs. Even with some hot banging tunes to his name before he dropped Wanted, his body language still tell he only wants to hang in there but his fans want more for he hasn’t been that singer they really wanted 6 years after M2M.

Like every other true fan, I believe the Wanted album will put Wande back on top of the log. And I sincerely hope this time around he will make serious effort to stay there for long.

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