Duncan Daniels – Will Tomorrow Ever Come


Download: Duncan Daniels – Will Tomorrow Ever Come

Duncan Daniels presently lives in New York City. His Music Video “Blindly in Love” with a very twisted plot and lead single to his third solo album titled ART OF ME, released on August 16th 2014, won a placement on FuseTV’s On Demand station and is currently accessible On Demand in 5 million homes. Duncan Daniels recently received a music review published on Round’ Magazine and was Nominated “Music Producer of the year” at the 2014 Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Duncan Daniels is currently in the studio constantly releasing new music digitally on a weekly basis, in a series he is pushing titled, “More than a decade of music” which offers free downloads of music performed, written or produced by ​​Duncan Daniels, every Friday in 2015, to celebrate over 10 years of making music. His most recent single​s include “Unconditional Love”, ​​released at the 5th installment of “More than a decade of music” ​and “There She Goes Again”,​ ​​released at the 9th installment​, are set to be a chart topper​s​ for the 2015 ​spring season.

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