Its no new gist that the HKN VS STARBOY divide has been in existence for quite some time now, due to its intensity we could liken it to the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry or even the APC VS PDP political rivalry. Yes its that serious! lol!

I could roughly assume that a million people every day make this same argument, HKN VS STARBOY, in many ways, shapes and forms: Who is the better artiste? Who is the baller? Who got more street cred? Who is more mature? Who do the ladies like? Who does proper shows? Who has made more money? Who is more popular? Who is better in bed? Who is taller? . . .etc.

Are people really asking all these questions, like seriously who cares? My rough estimate, like i said earlier, over a million people. Like the other day at the gym with friends, another of such intense argument broke out, tagged, Wizkid’s Bodyguard ROY vs Davido’s Bodyguard TIJANI, who’s hotter?


What do you think? Who is hotter? Who is more handsome? Who is stronger? When it matters most who do you think would carry out the job efficiently? Enjoy and share your thoughts!

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